For You, Mother, with Love

By Brunhilde Luken

To all of you mothers: “A Happy Mother’s Day”

When we think of Mother’s Day we automatically remember our own mothers.

I recall the wonderful feeling when she simply stroked my hair or kissed me on the forehead, or when she told me “you look so beautiful in this dress.”

I also remember some of my mother’s pain when she climbed on top of a coal train to go into the country to find food to feed her seven children right after the war, before my father’s return.

I have this wonderful memory when still during the war she got hold of some fabric from a parachute that came out of the sky and she sewed matching clothes for all of us seven children. I think this is why I am so fond of the movie “The Sound of Music”.

I also remember every thunderstorm when we sat around my mother to wait out the storm. Every time lightning struck she made the sign of the cross. As hard as it was during and after the war, Mother always exhibited great respect and love for our Lord.

I was not quite 21 years old when my husband, also a young 21, and I left Germany on a great adventure across the ocean, to “America the Land of Opportunity.” This was in 1959.

Mother told me it would no be easy but she trusted me saying, you can do anything you wish to do. You are strong.

When things were hard, I always heard the words of my mother: “You are strong and you can do anything you wish. I trust in you.”

Mothers have so much strength to give to their children. She said “I would have gone with your Father anywhere in the world”. Of course I held back my tears after she just told me I was strong. She also held back her tears. I knew she was strong. Easy, it was not. I loved my mother. She was beautiful all around. Off we went.

I did have the Lord in my heart and Mary, His mother with me. I kept in constant contact with both of them. To me Mary is the ultimate of all mothers. She is my intercessor whenever I think I need extra help. I still like to pray my Rosary, often in German.

Gegrusset seist du, Maria, voll der Gnade,
der Herr ist mit dir,
du bist gebenedeit unter den Frauen,
und gebenedeit ist die Frucht deines Leibes Jesu,
Heilige Maria, Mutter Gottes,
bitte fuer uns Suender
jetzt und in der Stunde unseres Todes. Amen.

We also say “Mother Earth” with great respect. Mother Earth provides us with all our bodily needs, food, clothes and shelter.

Then Mother bore for us a Son, the Son to provide us with spiritual food and through the Holy Spirit connect us to the Lord Almighty. In His Love we are all connected.

Is it a coincidence that Mother’s Day is celebrated in spring when life springs up all around us in trees and flowers and grass and after the winter rest, it all becomes new?

John 19: 26,27, when Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, “Woman, behold your son!” Then He said to the disciple, “ Behold your mother!”  And from that hour that disciple took her to his own home.

My mother went to be with the Lord in 1965. It was very hard especially on Mother’s Day. Then in 2006 on Mother’s Day I went to my studio and told my mother: “Today I will paint you a bouquet of flowers”. The painting at the top is the bouquet I painted for her that day.  Ever since that Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day is much easier.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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