Christmas 2012 by Brunhilde Luken

“She will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus,
for He will save His people from their sins.”

(Matthew 1:21)

Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel,
which is translated, “God with us.”

(Matthew 1:23)

 Christmas, it is a special time of the year.

It is the Season when we all like to be a child again and feel this magic we felt long ago. Let us feel this magic now. What greater magic can there be, then our Lord being born for us. To show us how to have this magic in our hearts and show His love to one another. We don’t need to be a child to have this magic in our hearts, if we allow Christ to be born in us. Children’s eyes will sparkle with wonder when they hear the story of Baby Jesus. Let us celebrate this miracle of the Birth of Jesus new each year.

Decorations and lights are everywhere. There is this magic smell of Christmas cookies. Children and adults walk around with happy faces and sparkling eyes. People are running from store to store buying gifts for one another. Yes, we give love with a little gift, a “thank you.” We show the love that God gave to us with His Son, that love that came to us to awaken our hearts to one another. We so often forget. But Christmas, oh yes, on Christmas we allow ourselves to give a gift of love and to receive that gift. We show caring and love for one another that are so much needed in our world. A little “thank you” can bring so much joy.

Growing in Love

There is this special Christmas I so remember from long, long ago, when I was a little girl in Germany.

 Christmas long ago

It was 1945 right after the war
We had lost everything,
My father was somewhere a prisoner of war.
We did not know where.

Every day we sat by the little radio listening to the announcer
Reading the names of the prisoners to be released.
Not his name, not yet, it was our biggest wish that father would come home for Christmas.
Mother reminded us, we have so much to be thankful for.
There were seven of us children and mother

She kept saying, “Christmas will come.”
But Christmas will be soon
There was so much magic in the air
I was still little; there was no tree, no decorations, and not much food

Mother kept saying, “Yes children the Christkindle will come,
He was born for all of us.”

Then finally Christmas Eve arrived.
My older siblings and my mother where bustling around
Everything was spic and span.
We little ones were so excited
All that magic
We just sat there all cleaned up and waited

We could barely contain our excitement.
Mother kept assuring us, the Christkindle would not forget us
We just sat very still and trusted her fully.
She must know, she is all grown up
Then in the distance we could hear the bells

Oh mother, did you hear that?
This must be it; it has to be the Christkindle
Our excitement grew by the second.
We could hear each other breathe
There the bells again, oh mother,
Our hopes and smiles were bursting forth
Then the bells, very close
Then the music of angels singing by our door
Then a knock,
Mother opened the door.

What a beautiful sight
There was the Christkindle, a beautiful angel with big wide wings
And Knecht Rupprecht, her helper, with a sack full of gifts and a little tree with candles and decorations
There was a teddy bear for me, and a tiny village made of wood for my brother
Everybody got a gift
I held on tightly to my bear
He was so precious
We all sang songs
We were very happy.

Then the Christkindle left.
They had yet to see many children
We all happily huddled together. We looked at each other.
Mother said, “Didn’t I tell you the Christkindle would come?”
Born out of love to teach us to love one another,
This is Christmas!

I could see a little sadness in my Mothers eyes and a tear.

Then in early spring as we sat around the radio and my father’s name
Was announced as one to be released
Mother turned to us,

“Didn’t I tell you, Christmas would come?”

He was born to be among us, the perfect gift of love.Our Lord in our midst, born of a virgin,
Fully human and fully God, to show
Us a way to have Christ born in our hearts,
To live for all eternity.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas
And a blessed New Year


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