Thanksgiving 2014

by Brunhilde Luken

Thanksgiving is almost here. A time of joy for most of us as we gather with our family and friends to celebrate and give thanks to our Lord for all He provides for us now and throughout the year. I give thanks to the Lord every day of my life. I thank the Lord for the wonderful summer that just ended and then was followed with the most brilliant colors of fall. At this time of the year, when the days are getting darker and seemingly shorter I can also truly say I look forward to the quieter months of winter, followed by a new awakening of spring. Every season presents us with so much beauty.

The Last Summer Flowers 2014

For everything that we are and have, even the painful and mysterious, is God’s generous gift; we must not grumble at it but must accept it in the knowledge that when we do so God gives Himself with His gift. (Karl Rahner a German Jesuit Priest and Theologian March 5 1904-March 30 1984)

Psalm 95:1-7
Let us come before Him with Thanksgiving.
Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.
For the Lord is the great God,
And the great King above all God’s.
In His hands are the deep places of the Earth.
The heights of the hills are His also.
The sea is His, for He made it,
And His hands formed the dry land.
Oh come let us worship and bow down,
Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.
For He is our God,
And we are the people of His pasture,
And the sheep of His hand

We all came into being for a reason. We are on a mission, a mission to serve the Lord. John 17:18 As you sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world. We are also sent from God, to return to God, our eternal home. The time in between is where we have to fulfill our mission. Our mission is not to be perfectly happy here on earth; our mission is to feel the presence of the Lord and have a thankful heart as we go through our struggles and still feel the joy within.

I see the joy in friends who face grave illnesses at the moment. I know the Lord carries both of them every moment of their lives. We all don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I do know after fall and winter there is spring, when all will be made new.

Let us live each day in the Spirit of the Lord and share His love with all those the Lord brings into our lives and be thankful for each day given to us. Mark 3:35 “Whoever does the Will of God is my brother and sister and mother.”

With the busy season ahead of us, we have to remember to take time out and take our rest with Jesus and listen to Him. Mark 6:50 “Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid!”

I feel so blessed with all the wonderful people the Lord put into my life.

I give thanks to the Lord for each one of you as we share in His blessings. Have a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving and feel the love of Christ that unites us all.

Your friend Brunhilde


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