Announcing the second edition of Brunhilde Luken’s classic spiritual book

Dear Friends,

I like to introduce you to my latest book, My Walk With Christ, A Spiritual Journey which you can purchase through Tate Publishing.

CatholicTV appearance

I had a chance to present this book during an interview with Jay Fadden and Fr. Reed on their program “This is the Day” on Catholic TV on Tuesday, September 15. If you are interested in watching the program, please click on the following link:

Book cover

The cover of the book is one of my paintings, “The Cup of Life.”

00 brunhilde luken The Cup of Life

“Do You love me most?” Yes Lord, I love you most.

My Walk with Christ is about how our Lord took me and shaped me, and taught me who He is.

In the quiet of my heart I heard You whisper—–Love, Peace and Joy.

John 15:16   You did not choose Me, but I chose you.

Dreams and visions

Throughout my life I have had many dreams and visions where I felt the guidance of the Lord. I recorded many in my daily journal, my conversations with the Lord. God speaks to us in many ways. He also speaks to me through my paintings.

In a dream my guardian angel took my hand and led me to a small room. He bent down to pick up a stack of paper and handed it to me. This happened in 2004. Since then I have self published two books with poetry and paintings. This book is my second edition of My Walk With Christ, A Spiritual Journey, published by Tate Publishing Co.

The following are examples of many wonderful dreams and visions where the Lord taught me who He is.

  • He allowed me to walk on water.
  • He led me to a clear mountain stream and told me to drink.
  • He got into murky water with alligators resting in the shallow waters. I knew I could not swim and I was afraid. The Lord said “come.” He swam beside me through the water past the alligators and took me out on the other side.
  • I was bathed in a pool with clean water. He showed me the narrow path with His guiding light.
  • He walked with me into the dark tunnel and brought me out on the other end.
  • He taught me how to trust Him fully.

My poetry and writings invite you to “come and see” my spiritual journey, to stay a while with a journey full of God’s heartfelt love, God’s guiding hand, God’s invitation for us to trust fully and receive God’s gifts of peace and joy.

Joshua 1:9–Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Stories of angels

My book also contains stories when our Lord sent me angels when I was in desperate need of help. Angels, I did not immediately recognize until the situation had passed.

Later I realized I needed to learn to trust Him fully. Every day He is asking us, “Surrender your life to me and you will see the wonderful journey I will take you on.”

A story of prayer, companionship and healing

My husband and I spent two years in Asia. Besides many different activities I also joined a group of international ladies. With this group I went on a visit to the hospital for the poor. The head nurse, the woman in charge, took us around.

To make it short—All of a sudden there I was alone with the nurse looking at a woman on a cot, totally bare and face down. The nurse pointed out a hole in her back, large enough to put my fist in, she went on to tell me that she would never walk again. The young woman was only about 30 years of age with a husband and two young girls and very poor. She was examined and the doctors found she had absolutely no feeling from her waist down. There was nothing they could do for her.

I was overcome by a deep sadness. At that moment the world stood still for me and I heard this whisper

Answering God’s call

“Brunhilde you can help her.” I immediately answered “Yes Lord,” never questioning how. I touched her arm, said a quiet prayer and asked the nurse if I could visit her on a regular basis. She said, “Oh yes, please.” From this point on I did not see much else. My mind was racing and I prayed, and prayed more. I knew if anybody can help her it was the Lord, I knew He would. She was a Muslim woman and every time I prayed with her she assured me that “your God is my God.”

The rest you will have to read in my book. By the time I left Asia, she was able to lift herself into a wheel chair, her feelings had returned and the hole in her back was almost totally closed. She now also received physical therapy. The day I went to say good bye, she was visiting at home with her family.

Praise the Lord. If we surrender our life to the Lord He can accomplish great things through us.

We are the body of Christ. We are disciples for our Lord.

Isaiah 6:8—-I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, And who will go for us?”

Then I said, “Here am I! send me.”

We are also messengers for the Lord. By our total surrender to the Lord, He will be able to communicate to us what He wants us to do. “

My book will help you to form a closer relationship with ourLord—-Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

With nothing hidden, with God’s love fully present, we have only to trust, and place our lives into His hands.

Then, when life on earth is ending, and I look back on my life well lived,

I hope I made a difference,

In people that I passed.

“Do you love Me most?” Yes Lord, I love you most.


I have been told many times that my book makes you feel the presence of the Lord. I have also been told that my book is totally uplifting, on a seemingly bad day, all you have to do is read a few pages of my book and you feel like the Lord is directly speaking to you. It is a wonderful daily reading, page by page, your time with the Lord. A book you can read over and over and feel the Lord speaking directly to you. We are all on a journey. A journey with our Lord. My book will help you say: Lord, please take my hand and lead me.

May God bless all of you.


My book is available through Tate Publishing, most bookstores and on It will make a wonderful gift for your friends. You can also see some of my paintings when you visit the web site

I have also shared my faith with some church groups. I can be contacted through or I can be reached at 413-998-3781.



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  1. Does the Diocese of Worcester still have a women’s conference? If so, is there a proposal process for being considered to speak? Thank you, Allison Gingras

    > On September 28, 2015 at 9:35 PM “The Commission for Women of the Diocese of > Worcester, MA” wrote: > > susanwbailey posted: “Dear Friends, I like to introduce you to my latest > book, My Walk With Christ, A Spiritual Journey which you can purchase through > Tate Publishing. CatholicTV appearance I had a chance to present this book > during an interview with Jay Fadden and Fr. Re” >


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