A Special Bouquet for Carmen

It was an exciting wonderful summer day. My thoughts went back to the time when my children were little. Now they are all grown up with children and some grandchildren of their own. For a second, time stood still. In my mind I watched them play and giggle and laugh. They were so happy. Thankful to our Lord for being able to remember it all. I thought, “Today is a good day to paint a special bouquet.” As I started to play-paint, I truly felt this was my playtime.

I put a first layer on and washed it off, this was a perfect background. As I started to paint, I could picture this in my daughter Carmen’s kitchen. With so much love in my heart, my brushes moved over the canvas with such ease creating this beautiful bouquet of flowers. I knew God gave me this special gift for my daughter. I did play with it for over a week, just a touch here and there until I felt it was finished. I waited for the right day to give the painting a few coats of protective spray. The sides of the canvas are part of the painting, so it looks ready to hang without a frame. I could not wait until I could bring the finished painting to my daughter. She loves the new painting and it looks great in her kitchen. Our Lord is wonderful.

As I walk through our house, I am so thankful for this special gift of painting. I cannot explain the closeness I feel with our Lord when I create a painting and when I contemplate-meditate on the paintings I created earlier. This is when I feel being held in His arms.

The following is one of my poems, taken from my book, My Walk with Christ, A Spiritual Journey.

A time to dream

All I needed was a little time
To catch myself
Become still,
Take time to dream
All those wonderful dreams,
Things to do, to see, places to travel to
To contemplate.
What is life still holding for me?
My secret wishes and plans.
Where do I still want to go?

My little girl inside keeps stirring,
Don’t grow up to fast.
You are too young,
Sit down and dream your best dreams yet
While there is still time.
Don’t lose me please

In this fast -paced world,
In those empty faces
Where they are told what to dream,
What to do, how to sing and how to dance,
How to dress and who to be.

Dare to dream your own dreams,
To see through your own eyes.
To think your own thoughts,
To choose to seek,
To be the one you are.

There is still time.

John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing”

To all of you, enjoy the rest of summer and feel His blessings.

Love, Peace and Joy,
Your friend in Christ, Brunhilde


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